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Birth Support

"They shall not labor in vain, or bear children for calamity; for they shall be the offspring of the blessed of the Lord, and their children with them" -Isaiah 66:9

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As a  birth doula, I walk with you and your family throughout your pregnancy, labor, and birth. I provide physical and emotional support this entire journey for both the mother and her husband/partner. Whether you are striving for a medicated, natural, hospital, or home birth, I am here for you to support the choices that you make. I also provide spiritual support by helping the mother and her family to bring in and incorporate their faith during their pregnancy and birth. 

During your pregnancy, we will have a total of three meetings to talk about your birth desires, as well as any fears or desires you may have surrounding your labor and birth. Our second meeting is all about planning and preparing for you postpartum journey to help make the transition into motherhood as smooth as possible. Finally, we will have a comfort measures meeting to practice various comfort measures that can be used throughout your labor, as well as various techniques to help get your baby positioned well in your pelvis . 

You will also have access to my lending library of various pregnancy, birth, and postpartum books.

Pre-Natal Meetings
Birth Support

I will provide continuous physical and emotional support for you and your husband/partner once you call me when labor is established till you are all settled post-birth. I work together with your husband and birth team to help you through contractions, provide relief and assistance to your husbnad/partner, and make sure that you as the mother are never alone and always heard throughout your birth. 

One of my major focuses as a doula is to remind you that you are made for this, that you can give birth. If desired, I will help you to incorporate the Catholic/Chrisitan faith into your birth setting.

Once you have given birth to your beautiful baby, I will remain with your family to make sure you are settled in and comfortable before departing. I can also assist with initial breastfeeding during this time. 

After you arrive home and are settled as a new family, I will visit with you within the first 2 weeks after your birth to review your birth journey. I am hear as a listening ear for you. I will also provide various resources to help assist you on your postpartum journey. 

Postpartum Visit
Faith Based Birth

When we conceive in our wombs, we have the incredible opportunity of participating in the creation of a new life and soul with God. As a doula, I love being able to only walk alongside your journey to becoming a mother and to help keep Christ at the center of your pregnancy and birth. Based on your desires, I can assist you with prayer during labor as well as providing different ways to incorporate your faith into your own journey of pregnancy, birth, postpartum, and beyond. 

Service Fee: $1,100*

*Extra fee for coming into Loudoun, Fairfax, Arlington, Alexandria, and the surrounding region

Please contact me for fee details

Words of Praise

I cannot say enough good things about Maggie. She is a complete gem: a peaceful, nurturing, radiant presence. If you ever wondered what it might be like to have Mother Mary attend your birth, Maggie will be able to bring you an approximation! She was with us for a marathon labor - 40 hours! - and we truly don't know what we would have done without her. We wanted to find someone who could speak to the spirituality of childbirth from the Catholic perspective, and Maggie did just that. From the beginning, Maggie had such a calming and truthful presence. I loved talking over childbirth with her - as a first time mom, I truly had no idea what to expect, and felt overwhelmed by everyone's opinions. Maggie provided such a firm foundation when it came to questions and general thoughts about delivery..... She brought an immediate sense of peace and calm to a room that was severely lacking it! She jumped right into giving me hip and back compressions and coaching me through contractions. Somehow she still also paying attention to everyone in the room. My midwife’s hair tie fell out, and she kept trying to move her hair out of her eyes with her shoulder. Maggie found a hair tie for her and asked if she could pull her hair back. It reminded me of what the Virgin Mary might do at a birth: attend to the new mom, while also making sure the new dad rests and eats, and doing something small but very helpful for the birthing attendant. Our son was born safe and sound and I felt fantastic, mentally and emotionally. Maggie was such a huge part of that. She took some breathtaking photos of my husband and me meeting our son. I was so sad to see her go - she felt like family by that point! We love Maggie and cannot recommend her enough. If you’re looking for a doula to help guide you through pregnancy and birth - you can stop looking; you just found her!

-Kayla I

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