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Meet the Doulas


Hey y’all. I’m Maggie, owner and founder of Visitation Birth Doula. I’m a certified birth and postpartum doula as well as a birth assistant for a local midwife. My birth work journey began in 2019 when I was pregnant with my second kiddo and was given the book Made for This by Mary Haseltine. Although it was during my second pregnancy, this was the first birth book I ever read, and it opened my eyes to the beauty that birth can be when you embrace God’s creation and invite Him in. It changed the way I viewed my second and third births and sparked a calling on my heart to dive deeper into birth work.

After being a missionary and working for a non-profit for four years, God put on my heart that He was calling me into birth work. I founded Visitation Birth Doula in 2020 with the desire to help mothers know they are made to give birth, to assist families in their pregnancy and labor, and help them to invite God into their journey.

In addition to birth work I am co-host of the Blessed Be Birth podcast, a Catholic birth podcast along with Gabbie where we talk about all things pregnancy, birth, and postpartum through the lens of the Catholic faith.

I live in the beautiful Shenandoah Valley of Virginia with my husband Nick and our three amazing kiddos. When not attending a birth, you can find me outside with my feet running miles on the ground, my hands buried in the garden, or my head buried in a book. 

I’m Gabbie, a certified birth doula and postpartum nurse. I’ve known since a young age that God wanted me working in the birth world which is why I started my journey in the field of nursing. I love being a nurse but there are times where the tasks of the job get in the way of me building a relationship with my patients that’s so important to me. Which is why I pursued becoming a birth doula. And after hiring a doula myself for my second birth I understand just how important having a doula is. There is something so beautiful about birth that we don’t see anywhere else in life. And I have seen how Gods design for it is something we’ve lost in the modern world. It’s my calling to ensure that mothers and fathers get to experience that beauty by supporting them throughout pregnancy and until the birth of their baby. Whether you have your baby at the hospital or at home I am there by your side to support you and provide comfort during labor. 


I live in the Eastern Panhandle of West Virginia with my husband and our two kids. Being a wife, mom and birth worker is where my heart lies but I also have a deep love for reading, cooking anything in the kitchen or baking bread! 


Pregnancy, birth, postpartum and how it all relates to my Catholic faith is something I love to discuss which is why I co-host the Blessed be Birth Podcast with Maggie. We dive into a lot of topics so be sure to listen if you don’t already! I’m also on Instagram as @her_worth_within if you want to follow along where I share bits and pieces of motherhood, my love for cooking and of course birth related content!

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