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Birth, Postpartum, Breastfeeding Support


Birth Doula Support

As a  birth doula, I walk with you and your family throughout your pregnancy, labor, and birth. I provide physical and emotional support this entire journey for both the mother and her husband. Whether you are striving for a medicated, natural, hospital, or home birth, I am here for you to support the choices that you make. I also provide spiritual support by helping the mother and her family to bring in and incorporate their faith during their pregnancy and birth. 

You will receive:

3 Prenatal Meetings

Birth Support

Postpartum Visit

Text support

Faith-Based Birth

Access to TENS Unit rental

Investment: $1,100

(Additional fee for Loudoun, Fairfax, and surrounding region)

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Birth Navigation

Navigating the various options for pregnancy and birth can be overwhelming. 

-which style of care should I choose?

-what resources should I utilize during this time?

-what choices do I have for myself and my baby?

-how should I best prepare?


During a navigation call, I can help you know your choices and give you information to help you make the best decision for you and your growing family.


Choose between a one hour or 90-minute virtual session to sit with Maggie, have a cup of coffee or tea, and chat about any questions you may have for your upcoming or current pregnancy and birth. 


$50 - one hour session


Postpartum Prep

The fourth trimester, also known as the first three months of motherhood, is a beautiful and raw time of your postpartum journey. During this time the mother needs to be nurtured and fed so she can then nurture and feed her own baby.

All transitions take time, especially the transition from pregnancy to postpartum. Whether this is your 5th or very first child, preparing ahead of time for the postpartum transition can make all the difference.  


Join Maggie for a 1 hr preparation session to learn:

-What to expect during the postpartum period

-how long does this period last

-how can you prepare during your third trimester

-tips to help make the transition smoother

-ask questions about breastfeeding, food, physical changes, and more

Also receive a postpartum prep packet to help with planning, snack ideas, conversations starters, and exclusive discount codes!


$50-one hour session

Image by Wren Meinberg
Image by Wren Meinberg

Breastfeeding Support

Need some assistance with your baby's latch?

Have you been having pain while breastfeeding?

Worried about your supply?

Questions about what to do when you return to work?


As a certified lactation specialist, I can help with your breastfeeding journey.

I can assist with



-weight gain

-clogged ducts/mastitis


-feeding plans

-painful feedings

-professional referrals

During the initial visit I will come to your home and provide an exam for both you and baby, witness a feeding session, assist with any questions you may have, and help to create a plan for your journey. 

Initial Visit: $150

(This visit can be anywhere from 1.5-2hrs in length. Please allot for 2hrs session)

Follow Up Visit (1 hour): $75

Extra travel fee for outside 30 minute radius

Words of Praise

I cannot say enough good things about Maggie. She is a complete gem: a peaceful, nurturing, radiant presence. If you ever wondered what it might be like to have Mother Mary attend your birth, Maggie will be able to bring you an approximation! She was with us for a marathon labor - 40 hours! - and we truly don't know what we would have done without her. We wanted to find someone who could speak to the spirituality of childbirth from the Catholic perspective, and Maggie did just that. From the beginning, Maggie had such a calming and truthful presence. I loved talking over childbirth with her - as a first time mom, I truly had no idea what to expect, and felt overwhelmed by everyone's opinions. Maggie provided such a firm foundation when it came to questions and general thoughts about delivery..... She brought an immediate sense of peace and calm to a room that was severely lacking it! She jumped right into giving me hip and back compressions and coaching me through contractions. Somehow she still also paying attention to everyone in the room. My midwife’s hair tie fell out, and she kept trying to move her hair out of her eyes with her shoulder. Maggie found a hair tie for her and asked if she could pull her hair back. It reminded me of what the Virgin Mary might do at a birth: attend to the new mom, while also making sure the new dad rests and eats, and doing something small but very helpful for the birthing attendant. Our son was born safe and sound and I felt fantastic, mentally and emotionally. Maggie was such a huge part of that. She took some breathtaking photos of my husband and me meeting our son. I was so sad to see her go - she felt like family by that point! We love Maggie and cannot recommend her enough. If you’re looking for a doula to help guide you through pregnancy and birth - you can stop looking; you just found her!

-Kayla I

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