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Breastfeeding Support

Need some assistance with your baby's latch?

Have you been having pain while breastfeeding?

Worried about your supply?

Questions about what to do when you return to work?

Talk with Maggie from Visitation Birth Doula's in-home lactation assistance

Mother Breastfeeding Baby

As a certified lactation specialist, I can help with your breastfeeding journey.

I can assist with



-weight gain

-clogged ducts/mastitis


-feeding plans

-painful feedings

-professional referrals

During the initial visit I will come to your home and provide an exam for both you and baby, witness a feeding session, assist with any questions you may have, and help to create a plan for your journey. 

Initial Visit: $150

(This visit can be anywhere from 1.5-2hrs in length. Please allot for 2hrs session)

Follow Up Visit (1 hour): $75

Extra travel fee for outside 30 minute radius

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