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TENS Unit Rental
A TENS Units (transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation) releases low-frequency electrical currents to help manage pain during labor. 
With the Elle Maternity TENS Unit, the mother is in control of the strength of the sensations caused by the unit, which many describe as buzzing, tingling, or prickling. She can also allow for an extra boost during the height of contractions to assist in the stronger pains.
The TENS unit is subject to availability. You will arrange to pick up the unit after you and your provider sign the rental agreement and pay the fee. Pickup will occur at 37 weeks to allow for full access to the unit in early labor and return will occur after the birth.
Included in the Rental:
-Elle TENS Unit
-neck lanyard
-two sets of lead wires
-one set of four electrode pads
-carrying case
instructional mannual
Rental Fee:
       $25- Clients
       $40- non-clients
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