How to Have a Successful (No Fuss) Newborn Photo

Guest post by Amy from Blessed Moments and Blissful Hearts Photography in Pittsburgh, PA

Ever wondered how to have a successful (No Fuss) newborn photo session? You probably thought, and worried, about how to prepare for your newborn photos. I’m guessing you are curious about whether or not you need a magic touch. Or need a really well behaved baby to get those beautiful, sleepy poses. But, I’m here to tell you not to worry! Do not stress, because I have some tricks up my sleeve that can all but guarantee your baby will sleep and not be fussy through their photo session.

And it is as easy as the following 3 tips.

How to Have a Successful (No Fuss) Newborn Photo Session:

1. Watch what you eat leading up to the session.

It may sound odd, or unfamiliar to you, but what you eat can affect your newborn, if you are breastfeeding! Everything you eat goes into your breastmilk. Which is why, in the day and hours leading up to your session, you must avoid caffeine! And any foods that may cause baby indigestion. These could include broccoli, tomatoes, basically anything that could cause heartburn, gas, or discomfort for you or baby!

2. Keep baby awake before your newborn session.