Preparing for Your Birth Like Preparing for Your Wedding

What if women prepared for their birth as they did for their wedding day?

Think about how much planning went into your wedding: You had to not only choose the date, but also the venue, flowers, colors, theme, cake, music, photographer, dress, shoes, food, bridesmaid dresses, your hair and nails, and all the other little details that made your day special and memorable.

What if you put the same energy and focus into preparing for your birth?

Can You Really Prepare for Birth?

Birth has never really been given a great name in our world. In fact, the first word that probably pops into your head when you hear about birth would be a pain. But, just like your wedding only lasts a day, so does labor and delivery. It may be a long day but, it opens the door to a new life, one with a new part of your heart that you will cherish for as long as you live. Just like your wedding, the birth of your child is also a big day, one that if you don't make the investment of time and money, may not go the way you want.

So there are so many resources out there for preparing for your wedding, what about having a baby? And where do I even begin?

Just like your wedding, there are many different categories you can break down preparation into:

Venue Hospital/Birth Center/ Home

Bridesmaids Support team

Schedule Birth plan

Food Health during pregnancy

Entertainment Comfort/pain medications during labor/birth

Wedding Planner OB/Midwife

Back-Up Plan Back up plan for if things go differently

Rehearsal Dinner Practice breathing, relaxing, and pushing

Photography M